Same Day Toilet Plumbing and Repairs in Baton Rouge


ToiletsWhen you're looking for the best in fast, on-time quality workmanship and service for all your toilet plumbing needs for your home or business in Baton Rouge from new installations to clogs to the latest toilet designs and features, you can rely on Stuart Services Plumbing.  We've been servicing the needs of the Baton Rouge community for over 55 years and offer 1st class workmanship and service every time you use our services.  Read what some of our customers have to say about us on this page here and about our service level guarantee here.

Great ServiceCLOGGED TOILETS:  If you have a clog or blockage in your toilet, we can be there fast and on-time today to locate the source of the clog and unblock your toilet before any unnecessary overflowing occurs and possible damage to the surrounding floor area is caused.

TOILET NOT FLUSHING:  We can assess and repair and have your toilet flushing properly again today.

LEAKING WATER TANK: If your water tank is continually running water in the toilet bowl, we can assess and repair it to save you from wasting water unnecessarily.

LEAKING TOILET:  Leaking toilets need to be repaired fast to avoid potentially costly damage to the surrounding floor area.  Stuart Services Plumbing can be with you at a time convenient to you to expertly assess and repair your leak fast.

:  We provide quality professional installations of your new toilet for years of reliable and efficient operation.  And if you need help finding the right new toilet for your bathroom, we can show you a range of the latest looks and features as well as sourcing and locating your new toilet.

FLUSHING UPGRADES:  At Stuart Services Plumbing, we can show you the latest in flushing upgrades that can provide a stronger flush for a cleaner toilet.  And with a stronger flush, you're also reducing the chances of clogs and blockages in your toilet. 

WATER EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS:  We're all looking for ways to reduce costs wherever we can so speak with us about advice on some simple solutions to help reduce your water consumption such as installing a dual flush button.

ADA ACCESSIBILITY TOILETS:  For those with mobility issues, we can assist with advice and expert installations on a range of accessible toilet solutions.

For all your quality toilet installations, repairs and upgrades and for expert service and advice on your home or businesses toilet needs, call and speak with the plumbing professionals at Stuart Services Plumbing today.

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