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RepipeIf you need help with your water pipes, from blockages & leaks to re-piping and new installations for your home or business in Baton Rouge, Stuart Services Plumbing can help with fast, on-time service today.  We use the latest technology to detect and locate the cause of any problem inside your pipes and offer a range of solutions to suit your needs including flushing, re-piping and solutions to water pressure problems.

TrustedLEAK DETECTION & REPAIR - When you have a leak – whether it’s a pinhole leak or crack - our plumbing professionals can locate the source quickly and conveniently using the latest in video inspections.  We then diagnose the issue and offer a range of solutions to suit your needs and budget. Underground, inside walls or under your floorboards – wherever your leak is we can find it and repair it fast.

TidyCORRODED PIPES - If you're experiencing odd-tasting or looking water, or erratic water pressure then you may have older pipes which have suffered from corrosion.  When this happens with galvanized pipes, rust builds up inside the pipe causing partial blockages and leading to problems just like these. If you notice any of these symptoms call Stuart Services plumbing - we can diagnose the cause of your water problems and find the exact location inside your pipes. Our expert plumbing professionals will talk you through their findings and advise you on a wide range of repair solutions to find the one that best suits you.

NOISY WATER PIPES -Do you hear a noisy shudder when you turn off faucets in your home? This common problem is not just annoying, if left unfixed it can cause lasting damage to your pipes. Call Stuart Services Plumbing today – we offer a simple solution that will fix the problem and protect your pipes from further damage in the future.

REPIPES & NEW WATER LINES - We offer a wide range of water pipe services including repairs, line replacement and installation of entire new lines, including both copper and PEX.

RAPID & RELIABLE - We're available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so our plumbing experts will be there on time, at a time that suits you to minimize the damage your leak could cause.

- We are fully licensed and insured for all your plumbing requirements.

CLEAN & TIDY - Our technicians are clean-cut professionals who respect your home and time.  They wear shoe covers, use work mats and will vacuum their work area before leaving so you can be sure your home will be as clean and tidy as it was when we arrived.

- By providing our customers with up-front pricing it enables them to make an informed decision before giving us the go ahead to begin work.  No matter the time taken to complete the work, you pay the original quoted price.

- Our dedication to excellent customer service starts from the moment you call.  With a team of professionals dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and quality workmanship, you'll be more glad you chose Stuart Services Plumbing for your plumbing needs.

For friendly, expert advice, reliable professional plumbers and satisfaction guaranteed service for all your pipe repair and leak issues in Baton Rouge call and speak with the experts at Stuart Services Plumbing today.

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